Digital Agents: Cretan Palace Mappings

Latest test outputs from an ongoing piece of research. The spectral chart produced shows the accumulative isovist mapping of autonomous spatial agents progressing in real-time through the archaeological plan of the ancient Cretan palace of Malia. Other record formats are also demonstrated.

Each agents is capable of recognising the characteristics of its neighbours (displayed as modulated colours of isovist) and reacting to them. Social behaviours of seeking, following and fleeing contact are apparent as the agents collectively explore the palace ‘maze’.

Developed in loose collaboration with Dr Quentin Letesson of the Aegean Interdisciplinary Studies (Aegis) Research Group, Université Catholique de Louvain.

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  1. Christophe

    I admire the research as well as projects that you are doing.
    I am currently a third year student of urban design at université paris I. Isovist is one of the subjects that I am studying. I was really surprised to see isovist is applied to archaeological research and your presentation on Vimeo have proved it.
    I have used several software of Space Syntax to learn isovist but it does not seem nice when exporting the report.
    I realize your team and Dr Quentin Letesson has also developed a similar software for isovist research. It’s remarkable that your output image is much more beautiful and clearer.
    I really need the Isovist software developing by your team to serve my research and make a presentation at my university.
    Could you please send me your software. I promise to use it only on the academic and non-commercial purposes.

    Christophe DURAND

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