Realtime & Reflective Isovist Agents

Typical spectral graph results from the methods shown in the below films can be viewed here.

A complete re-write of the realtime isovist agents code into c++ has facilitated more complex isovist modelling and realtime analysis extracts. An updated version of the previously demonstrated movement within and perception of real plan space in realtime is shown above; below follow illustrations of new capabilities.

As a secondary level, transparent barriers to movement can now be modelled and isovists related to vision through these isolated.

The next challenge was to demonstrate the modelling of ‘reflective’ surfaces. Again, isovists created by the recursion of vision from these planes can be isolated and separately drawn in realtime. Recursion levels can be controlled relative to plan complexity.

From these, the total perceived space (i.e. real space observed plus implied depth behind the mirror) can be drawn as a discrete isovist shape.

Finally, these separate layers of analysis can be recorded in realtime to identify the relative intensity of vision occurring within spaces in an architectural plan. Typical spectral graph results from these methods can be viewed here.

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