Soane Museum: Real and Percieved Space

  • SOANE_00
  • SOANE_08
  • SOANE_07
  • SOANE_06
  • SOANE_05
  • SOANE_04
  • SOANE_03
  • SOANE_02
  • SOANE_01

A conversion of the isovist-agent software into c++ has led to a number of performance improvements. As a result new complexities of isovist analysis can be calculated and recorded in realtime. This includes reflection and projection of spatial depth; ie mirror and glazing surfaces, as well as barriers and mobile elements.

A plan of the Soane Museum in London is being used as a test analysis for the system. These images illustrate different ‘spectral’ recordings of the spatial depths perceived and recorded in realtime during 50 autonomous agent visits.

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